Below you can find our portfolio in which you can find a selection of the projects that we have designed and realized with our clients. Our clients mostly belong to engineers, designers, stand builders, architects, shipbuilders and media companies.


A selection of our projects.


An exhibition stand made from truss provides many presentation possibilities. Besides that, constructions extensions or adjustments are realized easily at later stages. We always take into account the desired appearance of your organization and deliver maximum attention with our designs. Our designs can include exhibition walls, the lighting and the layout of the stand as well. 

We can offer everything from the design for a stand or presentation to the delivery of a complete project


Banner frames

Microtruss manufactures various types of banner frames, mostly based on a very specific design.
Besides designs with single aluminum tubes, advertising media from truss provide many opportunities as well. 


  • Zig-zag-zo reclameborden
    ZigZagZo reclameborden
  • Vier grote trusskaders met spandoek
  • Aluminium cilinderzuil
  • Spanframe van truss
  • Reclamezuil - onderaanzicht
  • Aluminium kader 80-serie
  • Trussdragers voor lichtreclame
  • Special made gecoat spanframe in opdracht van Best Image
  • Reclamezuil


In cooperation with our customers, Microtruss designed and produced different pieces of furniture.
Often, a combination of different materials is used, such as scaffolding wood, glass or plastic. 


  • Aluminium statafelset met gebeitst steigerhout
  • Hoge aluminium tafel met barkrukken
  • Aluminium tafelconstructie met steigerhout
  • Aluminium tafelframe met glazen tafelblad