Microtruss Aluminiumkonstruktie b.v.

Microtruss produces truss and other aluminum constructions since 1996. We are located in Leeuwarden and are known the consult we have with our clients: we can be involved from design to realization. We are very flexible and can fulfill nearly every which due to the fact that we manufacture everything in-house. Utilizing our creative and technological knowhow, we have have developed and manufactured a wide variety of successful products already. Our clients are for example engineers, designers, stand builders, architects, shipbuilders and media companies, tents and stage builders. Banner frames, exhibition stands and the Genius Boathouse are examples of our products.


Truss Systems


Microtruss supplies high quality truss systems. Truss is being used in for example audiovisual technology, stand building and advertising. The truss of Microtruss are suitable for small spans and decorations as well as heavy and permanent structures. Besides truss in standard sizes, we also provide custom-made constructions. In fact, that's our specialty!


Special products

Aren't our standard solutions what you are looking for? Microtruss thinks along with you! We have developed many special aluminum structures and never think in problems but in opportunities. Microtruss is the inventor and manufacturer of the Genius Boathouse, a unique boat canopy.



The products of Microtruss are being used in many applications. We are more than willing to help you in developing appropriate aluminum constructions, but our strength lies in thinking about the overall concept as well. Do you want an exhibition stand that is outstanding and allows to creatively promote your organization? Or are you looking for a specific solution that can span a large distance? It's all to be discussed. In our portfolio, you can find a selection of the projects that we have realized in recent years. 

Projects Microtruss